Best 2013 Top 10 Recommended Antivirus Software List

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Your Mobile Phone Is Too Important Not To Have Mobile Antivirus Software PDF Print E-mail

In recent year the viruses which target any type of mobile devices have increased radically and on top of this have become more virulent due to the vast increase in pocket PCs and Smartphone devices which hold widely used web browsing facilities and have the ability to download files. For truemobile security it is now highly advised that you invest a small amount of money in mobile antispam and mobile antivirus software to ensure you do not experience any ‘down time' with the use of your mobile phone, which is likely to be critical to you.

Only until recently have people begun to understand that mobile phones can be seriously impaired if they are attacked by a virus, although few people are aware that they can actually install mobile antivirus and mobile antispam software in the much the same way as they would on a PC. The lack of mobile security on handsets has lead to a wide range of serious problems for many business and personal users.

Due to the growing problems pertaining to spam, and in particularly viruses, there is now thankfully a way to protect your mobile phone. UMU has managed to develop the most cutting edge mobile antivirus software with a product known as UMU Scan.

The mobile antivirus software is available in a variety of versions which suit a range of applications for Smartphones and pocket PCs. The software has been designed to suit phones running on WindowsMobile and Symbian devices.

This is one of the highest levels of protection you can have when you require mobile antivirus software.

We protect our computers with virus scanners and firewalls but there are many customers who do not realise what the dangers are when they don't use mobile security on their Smartphone. Your mobile phone is open to all sorts of dangers which come from worm viruses and various other viruses which may attack a mobile phone when you are browsing the internet without mobile antivirus software.

A few years ago those who had Smartphones were considered only to be business people or technophiles, however, now Smartphones have found their way into themobile phone mainstream. Sales for Smartphones have already risen by a healthy 16% in 2008. The reason for the fast growth is due to the new type of handsets that are now available which make mobile phones more user friendly and include such features as touch screens and cameras.

If you take into consideration that Smartphones now use very sensitive data, such as browsing histories and passwords and private emails it is very wise to look atmobile security, especially when you are accessing online banking services.

Obviously due to their increased use, Smartphones are also becoming increasingly vulnerable to data theft and malicious software applications. Although malware infections, which are directly targetingmobile phones, are still a rarity so far there are 500 viruses that have been identified to date and this number is growing.

If you don't have mobile antivirus on your phone you can end up having your files completely wiped or additional charges being added from misuse.