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The First Malware For Smartphones PDF Print E-mail

Even at the end of this year, information about the infection of handheld owners Win.Trojan, regarded as a joke. Submit that the network started to implement such infectious programs was not possible.

For information about this aspect of quoted from the famous executives antivirusnika. We no longer have anything to do but hope to have this authoritative experts. A couple of months ago came to this unknown virus program, as well as a powerful anti-virus security measure for your pickpocket - Firewall for Pocket PC. Job protection is carried out in certain types of cell membranes.

The first Trojan has a very large set of functions to disarm your PDA. Malicious shell volume, only five kilobytes, which could make the connection to your PDA and administrative rights. What is the this program? Hacker attacks began after that, as a man rebooted your smartphone, and thus gave an opportunity to activate their Trojan horse code that opens the third-party file in one of the system folders, Windows . Proceeding from this, you personally offered keys to third parties in the firmware, and resource management of mobile devices. Then the team backdoor passed ah-pee infected users to e-mail by a hacker who now knows about the next firmware attacked.

Cracking access to your communicator, an attacker with a backdoor open the required port him. Using this backdoor intruder ran all the processes of a smartphone, such as erasing files and jump, sending files.

And how this virus code could climb in your smartphone? Standard techniques, such as contaminated envelopes in the e-mail, saving hacked applications on the Internet, all this leads to infection of the operating system.

There are now over a hundred Trojans, eager to intrude into your smartphone. This information is written in companies involved in writing anti-virus software, who want a little more to implement written programs. However, do not overlook the point that criminals do not sleep, and always willing to create us with you something unpleasant. Today, many young people buy their fashion phones and PDAs. So be careful in the Global Web, or try to download the free program . Be sure to install antivirus software on your own device.