Best 2013 Top 10 Recommended Antivirus Software List

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Android Mobile Phones Malware Reality Check PDF Print E-mail

Smartphone malware is not yet regarded as a big threat, but its coming. Malicious software is jumping from PCs to android mobile phones, malware makers target the smartphone platform in anticipation of making a quick buck. And if you can remember the infected Droid­Dream and Plankton Android apps, an infected app that was released into the Android Market with ability to infect several thousand android cellphone users' before anyone could detect the existence of the malware.

While taking note of the DroidDream incident, numerous phones that downloaded the software infected with a Trojan horse and rooted their phone and later on gave vital data like the user's location and cell phone numbers to a remote server. The very same day, Google destroyed the contaminated apps in the Android Market, and washed away the apps from phones remotely. It later issued an update to re-pair the damage which the DroidDream Trojan horse had done.

How to shield yourself

The safest way is of course to avoid unknown apps and if necessary, research apps and their publishers in detail before tapping the download button. Before you install an app, you should ensure that the apps avails a list of authorizations for services that the app should access on your phone. For example, if an app prompts to access an alarm clock, it doesn't need to access your phone's contacts list. And if something in the consent screen looks suspicious, ensure thorough precautions before you download the app.

Touch screen on android mobile phones can be very dangerous when you are surfing on the net, hence you should be on the look out of what you click while surfing the web. Some time in June, a mobile security company 'Lookout' exposed malicious advertisements aimed at android smartphone users and deliberate to swindle them into installing infected apps. A few types of mobile antivirus software, such as Lookout Mobile Security, have features aimed to protect you from malware such as these.

It is however advisable to install antivirus software on your android phone. Most big-household security companies such as McAfee, AVG, and Sy­­mantec have a downloadable cellphone app for protecting your smartphone. Aside from guarding against malware, these apps include vital abilities such as to lock and wash your phone remotely. When you purchase a new phone; it's a better to install antivirus software before you add any other apps. And you'll tremendously reduce your phone's ability to get phished against malware activities.

With the popularity of Android in the market, scammers made sure that they get some out of its gained popularity as well. They have invented several security threats--from the common malware software to Phishing scams and identity theft tools to try to get in and steal data from Android users. On the bright side, Android users need not worry because along with the growth of security threats are some of the most effective mobile antivirus software as well. Listed below are some of the best antivirus software for Android devices.


AVG has proven to be an effective solution for computers and has now extended its services to Smartphones and tablets. One can opt to install the basic version without needing to register and paying for a fee. After the installation is finished, the software will immediately scan your device to check for any malicious codes or software. It also provides real-time safety of your device blocking malicious codes even before they can even enter.

AVG is one of the best tools to use as an antivirus. It not only provides an efficient antivirus scanner and safeguards your privacy but it also has the ability to locate your device when it has been stolen or lost. Furthermore, its scanning feature extends to text messages and websites you visit. These features are available in the enhanced and upgraded version of the AVG.

Lookout Mobile Security

More than 15 million users have Lookout mobile security on their phones and tablets. This software also provides real time safety to its users and scans all newly installed applications. Checking of the applications is carried out by this mobile antivirus solution after the initial scan post-installation.

The free "Find My Phone" service of the Lookout mobile security aids in finding a lost or stolen GPS enabled phone on a Google map. This feature enables the device even if it is on silent mode to give off a loud alarm. Users can also opt to avail of premium features such as safe browsing mode, remote locking, wiping, advanced backups and much more.

Avast Mobile Security

Avast mobile security is independent of Google Play and lends a variety of security tools including the main antivirus feature, a web shield features used in scanning, the ability to inform users about malicious URLs, a privacy advisor feature and enhanced security options for anti-theft. It also allows users to execute tasks including clearing the history, locking their phones and activating sirens on their device through SMS.

Avast mobile security is mainly designed to scan the existing and future applications for any malware. Moreover, it also provides real-time protection of your device. This is considered as the best antivirus software for Android better on the Android antivirus test.

Comodo Mobile Security

Comodo mobile security is one of the newest antivirus software. As soon as it is installed, it automatically pays heed on updates but will always ask for confirmation of the users first. When it scans and detects some threats, it categorizes them into three: dangerous, pending and secure items. The user is given the option to schedule the scan.