Best 2013 Top 10 Recommended Antivirus Software List

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Free vs. Paid Internet Security Software PDF Print E-mail

Comparison between free and paid Internet security software has become a major topic of discussion among the most of all computer users recently. A number of people who have used both free as well as paidInternet security software place their strong opinions. Though most people think that the paid Internet security software is better but there are a number of people who are quite satisfied with free version of internet security software that they use.

It is a very common sight that a number of people think that they do not have any other options other than using paid version ofinternet security software as their computer is shipped with it. But a user can easily uninstall a paid version of anti virus and shift to a free one in his/her computer. There are a number of good quality free Internet security software such as Comodo Firewall, AVG anti virus and anti-spyware, Avast! Home Edition and many more. Some of the reputed paid security software are Symantec and McAfee.

Basic characteristics like scanning spyware and virus are same in both free and paid security software. But when you compare you may find some features like firewall, anti rootkit, anti-spam and technical support, which is offered for free.    

Anti spyware and anti virus, which are provided for free, are generally intended only for private use. But the creators of free security software can also create paid versions like AVG Internet Security and AVG Anti virus Pro. All these are paid versions whereas there is also a free version from AVG called AVG Free Edition.

Comparison between free and paid Internet security software shows that a free anti spyware or anti virus can only help to scan spyware and virus. On the other hand if you want technical support you may go for paid version of Internet security software. You may use free or paid internet security software whatever you wish but one of the most important thing which you have to keep in mind is that while choosing a security software you should select the best. You may have to spend a little for that but this little investment will ensure the safety of your computer in future.

The Internet is a very great invention. However, most people do not know that the internet could be the source of a lot of dangerous things.This is because the internet is infested with a lot of websites which send malicious software. Those programs could be very fatal once they get inside a person's computer. Those programs are also known as computer viruses. They are called viruses because they infect computers the same way as viruses infect human beings.

The viruses could do a lot of damage to the computer. Once the virus has entered the computer, they would usually destroy most of the important files which are located in the drive. They would also cause a lot of problems such as computer crashes and computer lags. If a person suddenly experiences a very slow response from the computer, his computer might already be infected with a virus. Sometimes, those viruses delete important files which are necessary to keep the computer alive. A lot of computers have been wrecked because of these viruses.

There are a lot of ways in which a person could acquire a virus. The basic source of viruses is the internet. Whichever way a person acquired a virus, the internet is still the main cause. That is why a person needs to have a very strong internet security program to keep his computer safe from viruses. The computer security programs are installed in the computer. They would act as the cops which guard the computer against attacks. They would supervise the activities of the computer especially those activities in the internet. Once a virus would try to enter the computer, those security programs would immediately block them and destroy them. They are very powerful and they would destroy any virus which tries to enter.

Those internet security programs are very essential for every computer. They could be bought in computer shops and in online stores. Some of these programs could be even downloaded online. However, they have limited capabilities. The ones which are obtained for a price are the ones which provide maximum internet security for the computer. They do not cost that much at all. A person should invest in them so that he would not experience further damage which could be caused by an internet virus.