Best 2013 Top 10 Recommended Antivirus Software List

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3 Features of Good Internet Security - Firewall, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Programs PDF Print E-mail

These days, one could not deny the fact that the Internet is a major part of our lives. Everything we may need, with just a click of a button, can be delivered right in front of our doorsteps. It is a multi-faceted tool that portrays ease and convenience. We can so much stuff using the Internet. A very common activity that the Internet makes easier is research. With instant messaging and social networking sites, the Internet has served as a link to people from anywhere in the world.

But with any technology, the Internet has its flaws and drawbacks. This is why a lot of concerns about Internet security have been raised. Once connected to the Internet, you are connected to numerous computers from around the globe. Indeed, it brings the rest of the world within your reach with just a click of a button. However, it also exposes the user to a bunch of security risks.

Computers with no protection are in danger of getting viruses. These malware make their way into your computer's system and damage important files making it useless. The whole operating system can be corrupted and shut down by the spread of viruses. You may also be at risk from hackers who want to browse through your computer's system. To disguise themselves, the sometimes use different IP addresses. A huge number of these unknown risks have various forms. Enticing downloads like movies, songs, albums, pictures and links are some of the forms of these maladaptive software.

Why is Internet security essential? For protection of one's Internet connection as well as the computer itself, it is very important to use Internet security. It should be a fundamental feature in every computer. The data stored in your computers are protected by Internet security. With Internet security, viruses can be detected and removed form your system. Also files shared can be easily checked and any anomaly it contains that may harm your computer's system can be detected quickly. Contaminated files and sectors can also be repaired and prevented form spreading further.

A good internet security should possess three crucial characteristics. These are Personal Firewall, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware programs. Firewall has two major functions which includes protection from both inbound and outbound activities such as sharing of files with unknown users. In some of these cases, viruses and Trojans are already hidden in your system and can attract attention from outsourcers. Outbound activities that can be triggered by these malware are also prevented by Internet security.

Anti-Virus on the other hand scans your computer's hard disk for any viruses that may corrupt system files. Again, a number of viruses enter your drivers by file sharing and through emails. There are times whenanti-virus programs can eliminate viruses attempting to multiply and repair the errors these have caused. For more efficiency, it is necessary to regularly update this software.

Lastly, Anti-Spyware programs safeguards your computer from pop-ups that deceive the user and can help start hackers to monitor your activities. This program also helps you remove unwanted software that is hard to delete.