Best 2013 Top 10 Recommended Antivirus Software List

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McAfee Antivirus Plus PDF Print E-mail

McAfee Antivirus PlusPros

1. Simplified interface.

2. Improved cloud of active protection.

3. Fast scanning for malware.

4. Improved protection of SiteAdvisor.

5. Very effective protection of a clean system.

6. Blocks malware downloads.

7. Unusual and useful features, such as firewalls.


1. McAfee AntiVirus Plus user-friendly new interface is a welcome departure for McAfee.

2. On clean systems, it's great at blocking malware.

3. Installing and running it on infested systems can be tough, but McAfee offers tons for such problems.


McAfee anti-virus software is known all over the world. It is very important to download and buy anti-virus tools, only files from Web sites and companies with 100% confidence. This is because computer viruses are spread through file downloads to inject malicious code on your website. McAfee Antivirus is one of the major players in online protection and time.It has a reputation for effective security at all has developed a new set of tools for maximum protection and improved since the last release years. Although it is not the highest level of anti-virus software, remains a decent virus scan every way.

McAfee Antivirus Plus Review

McAfee antivirus software is well known the world over. It is very important when downloading and purchasing antivirus tools that you only download files from websites and companies you 100% trust. This is because computer viruses are spread through file downloads which inject malicious code onto your site.

The new McAfee antivirus software has undergone a makeover and now has a new interface to match its new name. The new interface used in McAfee AntiVirus Plus previously known as McAfee VirusScan Plus streamlines the complex tools used to give your computer full internet protection.

The McAfee software is easy to use and has clear explanations of all the features. It has been built eight times faster than the previous edition. This means it takes up less memory meaning your computer will run faster now than it would have when using previous versions of McAfee antivirus software.

Everything on the new software has been designed to make life easier for you. Confusing names have been removed and some of the features have been moved around to make it more intuitive. For example the firewall settings have been moved to web and email protection which is the most logical place for it as the firewall is what protects you when you access the web.

If you are not a technical person computer virus protection is one of those products you have no idea about what to look for. If you are not good with computers you need security software that will be so easy to use you can do it blind folded! McAfee makes your life easier through colour coding and simple messages like "No action required".

McAfee uses ultra efficient virus protection which blocks viruses in milliseconds according to McAfee offers better Malware detection than both Symantec and Kapersky. McAfee uses real time protection with their system called Artemis it works alongside the McAfee SiteAdvisor to scan any downloads you want on your computer. The URL, IP address and domain data are scanned and compared against blacklists to evaluate the potential threat of the file before it goes onto your hard drive.

In the past users of McAfee have complained the pc protection software can slow down the computer on boot up but McAfee have made improvements to prevent this from happening. Performance has been improved through selective process loading and flagging files which have already been approved as safe. The latest McAfee antivirus protection is the best yet.


The new antivirus from McAfee has some new improved features and have been popular for its strong, defending and protecting of your computer. The central Navigation offers you the view of all the available tools in one list. Even the important tools like log files and history of the scan are easily accessible with help of this list. You can see the log for the last 30 days in the log files, which would include the list of program or infection blocked in the past 30 days.

Safe Web browsing
The new features that are included are the safety index of the website helps you to browse safely as it warns you with different color index which one is more safe for you to use. Thus, you are less likely to end up with any specious website.

Data management
We often wonder what if someone could recover the important data from our computer even if delete it. McAfee has come up with the new tools in the antivirus that will help you to delete the files from your computer permanently thus no one can retrieve the files without any delay.

Managing the Junk files
We all realize that after a while our computer turns out to be slow and it makes the computer slow. It is not more a secret that, after a long use the computer becomes slow because of unused junk files, temp files and cookies. Thus the new tool from McAfee helps you to clean the junk and unwanted files called and the tool is called McAfee Quick cleaner.

Scanning the Removable drives
McAfee has included the new features which run a quick scan on the removable disk when it is connected to the computer for any infection or malicious program so that your computer is safe and is not infected.

Long Installation
The installation however was not impressive at all as it took longer than most of the antivirus and top of it, it was slow and did required a reboot. You could have not asked for worst, and the updates fail. We did run a full scan and then eventually the updates came through. The installation does not complete here, if it finds the traces of old antivirus and Trojan or any low risk program it would pop up and prompt for a restart and you may get the same message in a loop. The features are good but installation can be a nightmare.