Best 2013 Top 10 Recommended Antivirus Software List

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What to Consider While Purchasing Antivirus Software? PDF Print E-mail

If you are among those 50% internet users that either do not have an AntiVirus protection or have protection that is expired or out of date, your security is at high risk. If you're unprotected, a damaging program can get hold of each and every piece of information about you that is located on your computer. In addition, viruses can also cause serious damage to important files that are needed to run an operating system.

Many people do not buy AntiVirus protection due to its high price, lack of effectiveness, resource and system drain, software conflicts that cause problems with the traditional AntiVirus software or the lack of knowledge on what to consider while purchasing anti virus software. This article contains significant features of an antivirus program and why it is necessary to have one for your computer.

Some of the major features to keep in mind while purchasing virus protection software are:

Fast, Real-time Online Protection

Real time protection, background guard, autoprotect and on-access scanning are the synonyms that refer to the automatic protection provided by various antivirus programs, which is their most significant feature and should never be ignored. Make sure to select a virus removal program that provides fast, real-time online protection when buying the one for your computer.

Advanced File Management and Protection

The second major aspect to consider is the scope of protection the antivirus software provides. Ask yourself this question: will I be protected by every threat that my computer encounters? These days we are hit by spyware, viruses and Trojans from every direction. It is pertinent that the antivirus software program can offer more than basic protection.

User friendly with smart features

Have you ever had the best antivirus removal program but you could not understand how to use it? Along with complete protection, it is important for virus protection software to be user friendly. Also look for the number of features the antivirus program has to offer. Hackers have become smart, so it is important for your antivirus software to act smarter.

Should not slow down your PC

Opt for a software that is up to 35 times lighter than traditional antivirus solutions. What is the benefit of getting best protection if you are not able to work on your system swiftly? Opt for a virus removal program that can provide you complete protection without slowing down your computer.