Best 2013 Top 10 Recommended Antivirus Software List

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Top 5 Antivirus Software To Secure Your PC From Virus Threats & Malware PDF Print E-mail

With the introduction of internet in computers, the security of computers is on stake. every browsing on your system gives an invitation to certain unwanted agents that can destroy the safety of your computers. They spread all over the system data and corrupt it.

If you want to keep your computers safe and protected from these viruses, malwares, spywares and other malicious programs, then you need an optimum antivirus software that can protect your pc, so that the speed and performance of your pc is unaffected by the viruses.

There is a quite big number of antivirus software available in market and its difficult for you to make the right selection for your PC security. The iGennie tech support for antivirus protection can help you in choosing the best antivirus. The top 10 antivirus in the market are AVG, Norton, avast!, Kaspersky, McAfee, F-Secure, ZoneAlarm, BitDefender, Panda and Trend Micro Internet Security 2010. Though all of these anti spyware and antivirus products are effective enough for virus removal and spyware removal, we are reviewing here, the features of the top 5 antivirus software.

1. AVG

  • Repairs some virus-infected files
  • Protects from both online and offline viruses, spywares, malwares, etc
  • Consists a "virus vault" which holds the infected files
  • Featured with periodic scans, scans for sent and received e-mails, automatic antivirus updates

2. Kaspersky

  • Requires very less memory, hence, doesn't effect the system performance
  • Detects virus threats and removes all malicious programs that can corrupt the file and data on your system, hence demanded the most
  • Provides real time scanning and automatic updating
  • Keyloggers and rootkits protection

3. avast!

avast! is an effective antivirus software, available in different versions. It is effective in all kinds of virus removal. You can buy anti virus software or can free download it for trial use from internet. However, if you are looking for customized solution, then go for avast! Pro.

  • Protects from spyware and viruses, chat infections
  • Checks for any infection in the sent/received mails
  • Prevents attacks from hijacked websites
  • Gives you the privilege to visit suspicious or non trusted sites also

4. Norton

  • Capable of blocking the rigid viruses and spywares
  • Provides both offline and online protection
  • Scans and cleans the e-mail attachments and instant messages
  • Easy to use

5. BitDefender

BitDefender is an advanced antivirus that provides protection against phishing attacks and identity theft along with spywares and viruses, without affecting the system speed. It is also capable of remote configuring software on other computers within the network. Apart from this, it also performs the regular operations, such as backup tune-ups, scans, updates, etc. If you are looking for an anti virus firewall, then the best option is to choose BitDefender Antivirus Pro 2011.

Selecting the right antivirus is not an easy job. Therefore, iGennie helps you in making the right selection on account of their price, performance and usability. Not only this, it also helps you with the installation, removal and upgrading of antivirus. You can get the complete information about the latest computer anti virus at the iGennie Antivirus Support. If you are using vista, and are having issues with your system due to the vista antivirus 2011, iGennie antivirus support helps you in removing this software, which automatically starts with the system start up. It produces fake scans and infections and hence is advised to be removed soon. The technicians at iGennie also help in fast windows antivirus removal, which is a browser hijacker and gives false alerts.