Best 2013 Top 10 Recommended Antivirus Software List

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Top 3 Cloud Antivirus Software PDF Print E-mail

The cloud antivirus software is the latest software technology that performs scanning processes on the Internet, instead of your computer's hard drive. This way, your computer remains lightweight and performs much better than in the case of normal anti virus download. The Cloud antivirus technology uses an agent which performs the tasks without putting any additional pressure on your computer hardware. Thus, you can work on normal speed even when the scanning and updating of the software is going on.

There is a lot of paid and free cloud antivirus software available in the market today. However, not all of them work intelligently. The top three cloud antivirus software that all have exceptional features and run successfully in themarket today can be seen below:


Last in the list of top three, but certainly an effective tool which performs antivirus tasks on the Internet is Immunet. Immunet is taken from the word "Immune", which means protection against threats. It is free software and 35 times lighter than the traditional antivirus tool. This light layered virus detection and protection tool is used by several PC users today. This tool gathers strength to fight against malwares with the growth in the surrounding community. Moreover, you are not required to download any virus signature file. Immunet also has the convenience to work for Collective Immunity. In the Collective Immunity program, once a virus or an online threat is detected on any computer; it automatically protects all users connected to that PC.

Panda Cloud

The first in the list is Panda cloud, which is free antivirus software used for Windows. This is a very fast and user friendly tool. The software scans your entire PC for any kind of potential threats and safely removes any malwares. All you will need for the Panda Cloud is a smooth working internet connection. Panda cloud also safeguards your system with all malicious downloads or online attacks, perfect for the protection of your local computer system.

Threat Fire

The antivirus technology in ThreatFire allows complete protection against all known and unknown types of internet threats. These threats include spyware, adware, key loggers, viruses, Trojans and more. The software carries unparalleled protection and hunts and paralyzes all threats, which may not be recognized by other antivirus software. ThreatFire is a technology which is not just restricted to experts. Any layman can use and benefit from this Internet based software.

With so many outstanding features of the latest antivirus technology, the cloud antivirus certainly becomes the choice of all PC users. Be sure to try the Cloud antivirus technology to save your computer from any form of online attack.