Best 2013 Top 10 Recommended Antivirus Software List

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How to Compare Antivirus Software? PDF Print E-mail

There's an influx of antivirus software in the internet these days. Antivirus software are everywhere in the internet. Article about them are also common. The problem with having too much of one thing is that you will have a hard time selecting the good from the bad. To come up with a list of possible choices one has to compareantivirus software . Comparing is not easy, considering the number of antivirus to compare. Many website are there to help with comparison but they only compare a few. They focus their comparison to selected antivirus that are already there for many years. How about thoseantivirus software that have just recently started but may also have the ability to perform well? They don't have the chance to be tested and be proven competitive with the popular ones.


There should be a means to compare antivirus software not based on popularity but with their ability to thwart virus attacks. I have read articles that compare antivirus software and they are impressive. They test antivirus software based on how they detect known virus. Many antivirus software fared very well. Others did not do well because they were not able to detect new virus. The problem is that they limit their comparison to a chosen few. What about those that are left out? How will they be given a chance?

Who says So?

There are also those who compare antivirus software based on what the company that made them has to say about their product. I don't know if this is reliable enough. There are people who claim to have done something but if you ask them to do it they can't. There are just too many people who tell lies this days. I don't say that all of them are liars but who would know the difference between an honest company from a lying one. They all write pretty good things about their products. Who would say bad things about something they themselves made?

Who's Initiative?

The initiative to compare antivirus software should come from people other that those who made it or have any vested interest about it. The objective of the comparison should be to help people in choosing the right antivirus and not to promote one. People would love to know the truth about antivirus. There are already so much antivirus out there. It's already difficult to know all of them. Another product profile may turn buyers off. What people need is honest, comprehensive, fair and accurate comparison of antivirus software based on performance and ability to protect computers from virus attacks.

It may take a long time before anyone can compare antivirus software comprehensively. That would be very difficult to do considering that there are so much of these products in the market today. There are also many things to consider. A definite plan should be established first before the factual, realistic and unbiased way to compareantivirus software is realized.