Best 2013 Top 10 Recommended Antivirus Software List

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How to Choose Antivirus Software? PDF Print E-mail

Right now, at this point, you probably already know the urgency of antivirus software to guard your PC. But to decide which product best suits your needs is a whole different matter. And among so many alternatives being offered all with perplexing technical information, you need to be alert not to fall for the useless ones. In order for you to do some effective comparison, here we list 8 tips when doing an antivirus software comparison.

1. Effectiveness

Figure out how effective the software you are by checking what threats it can eliminate. In this fast moving field of antivirus and antispyware, you want to know which product is able to cope with the latest versions of computer threats. Yes, it is a basic recommendation to have an antivirus with virus, worm, and trojan protection. But if you frequently bank and shop online, you need a software that can protect your sensitive data from being stolen.

2. User friendly (Easy to use)

See whether the product provides an easy to use interface and also whether it comes with a manual or user guide. It is important because even though the software provide with complete features and breakthrough technologies, but if the customization buried deep beneath a pile of complex menus and settings, it is not worth the try.

3. Virus definition and scanning engine updates

As new type of viruses and other malicious software keeps mutate in an alarming rate every day, it is mandatory that a good antivirus software offers a routine virus definition and scanning engine update. For virus definition, daily update has become a general requirement these days. So check if the software offers daily update.

4. Real-time Scanning

Using a product that provides ‘real-time scanning' means that a virus or other malicious software will be automatically detected as soon as it tries to get onto your system. And it will continue run in the background to keep you safe from any threat.

5. System resources consumption

Regarding its vigorous and extensive activity in the background when running real-time scanning, it is better for you to find an antivirus that has low-impact on system resources. Because noticeably, some products may slow down your general computer processes.

6. Know Your Needs

Nowadays, antivirus vendors usually offer various type suite of protection. From basic product that offers protection against viruses, worms, and trojans to the all-in-one security solution that offers protection against all malicious software there are. Not only that, some product even offer online data backup and even PC tune up. But of course the more features a product offers, the more expensive it will be. So the key here is to know exactly what is your need. If you're computer are rarely online, then even the free basic antivirus can accommodate your security need. I recommend AVG Antivirus (Free Version) for this. But if you online all the time and do business with it like banking or shopping, then an internet security suite is a must.

7. Technical support

Find out what kind of supporting services it provides, such as a live chat service, 24/7 call service, or even remote assistance. It is important, because in case the software miss one threat that make problems to your computer (yes, nothing's perfect),you could get help in no time. Or it could be useful when you want to ask about customizing the software to be more-suited your needs.

8. Have a taste before you make a purchase

You should test for yourself whether or not the antivirus of your choice meet their promises. Furthermore, what might seems good to someone, does not necessarily feel quite good for the other. So this is why you should test it out first. And fortunately nowadays, most of antivirus vendors offer trial version of all their security software. These trial software usually have 30 days limited time. But it is enough for you to make a decision.

Now you can make a comparison based on these 8 simple tips I have discussed. Comparing price is logical, but when it comes to choosingantivirus software , it is not just about the price. But one thing to remember is that the more expensive a product is does not necessarily mean better. But it is always a welcome when we found an affordable security products with a solid performance.